Established in 2007, KaPUL Group is a leading integrated business communication and digital marketing services group with over 13 years of experience and investment above $1,000,000 USD headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan operating with over 200 employees between the UAE, Turkey, USA and Afghanistan offices.
KaPUL Group is enjoying the status of a market-leader on-account of its long-term, top-tier customer relationships provided services to a wide range of Government, United Nations, USAID, Telecom Companies and many other national and international organizations to maximize their operational effectiveness even in the most challenging situations and locations across Afghanistan.
Our diverse team of national and international experts enables KaPUL Group to provide high-quality customized and standard professional services in a range of sectors. As a versatile communication group; we are offering specialized end – to – end media production, buying, placement and monitoring, creative & production, outdoor advertisement, printing, experiential digital marketing and event management i.e. commercial and cultural events, exhibitions etc.
Today KaPUL Group has evolved into a reputable and trusted with delivering more than 150 major projects, which has resulted in substantial growth and expansion of the company in the national and international markets.

Mr. Nazifullah Shaheen CEO
Mr. Nazifullah Shaheen

Mr.Nazifullah Shaheen being the founder and CEO of KaPUL Group of Companies After he has inaugurated and launched KaPUL Group of Companies

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Mr. Kanishka Junbush
Mr. Kaneshka Junbish

Mr Kanishka Junbesh is the project director for Kapul group since 2007 He has successfully managed over 100’s national international and commercial projects

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Mr. Malyar Nabi
Mr. Malyar Nabi

Mr. Malyar Nabi is an established professional Graduated from Droch ba Narod Russian engineering university and full packed with execution and operation

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naseeb photo
Mr. Naseebullah Junbish

Mr. Naseebullah Junbish a highly motivated and results driven young finance head who has over 13 years of invaluable experience in leading and developing a successful finance team.

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Mr. Ahmad Sakhra

Mr. Ahmad Sakhra is a levelheaded, calm professional who remains unflappable in the most difficult circumstances. He leads his team with a consistent focus on the

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Ahmad Seyar Amiri
IT Director

Mr. Seyar Amiri is a professional VSAT Engineer, with a rich information technology background and experience being part of multinational and international companies

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Being the most preferred strategic partner to all business aspirants, to guide and provide comprehensive

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To become a linchpin in the South Asia particularly in Afghanistan, for connecting local and global businesses

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Passion, Leadership, Integrity, Innovation, Transparency, Quality

Outdoor Advertisements

With having over 50,000 Sqm Billboards and over 80,000 Pole-signs across the country covering 34 provinces and 380 district since 2007. The company became Afghanistan’s preeminent printing house. We literally could claim we are the largest Outdoor Advertising Service in Afghanistan.
KaPUL Outdoor Advertising is a full service agency with latest Offset & Digital printing machineries and a team of professionals that serves the clients 24/7.

  • Outdoor Services
  • Billboards
  • Pole Signs
  • Banner
  • Streamer
  • One visions
Outdoor Advertisements

Billboards Services

We provide best outdoor advertisement services to our customers.

Outdoor Advertisment
Outdoor Advertisments

Pole sign Services

We provide pole signs to our customers.

Outdoor Advertisements

Banners Services

We provide banner services to our customers.

Outdoor Advertisements

Streamer Services

We provide streamer services to our customers.

Outdoor Advertisements

One visions Services

We provide One visions services to our customers.

Printing Services

When it comes to the most dependable highest quality printing service provider, KaPUL is forerunner. This became possible with years of expertise, constant up-gradation of printing infrastructure tied with induction of new machines and technology. In offset printing, KaPUL is able to provide high quality printing at a very reasonable price to businesses organizations, individual consumers and independent designers. We have the most inclusive printing solutions and we are specialized in the followings.

  • Consistent High Quality
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Excellent Service.

We are well equipped with latest version of machines from world famous brands. We possess the most advanced digital printing machines from Korea like DGI with production capacity of 5500Sqm in a day and state-of-the-art UV printing setup. Our technically sound infrastructure and satisfactory customer service We are specialized in large format print on various materials like ex, panna flex, vinyl, one vision, PVC film and photo papers for various advertising requirements like.

  • Corporate Stationaries
  • Product Manuals
  • Calendars & Diaries
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • News Letters & Magazines
Media Outreach
Media Outreach

Media Outreach Services

  • Media Broadcast Buying
  • Media Broadcast Placement
  • Media Monitoring


The Creative team is adhesive in our production. Our production focuses on innovative concepts with a fresh approach. The combined experience of the in-house team covers the followings

  • Documentaries
  • Feature Films
  • TV Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Live Events.

The Creative & Production team has created many high profile productions, for Telecom Companies, UN, Governmental and Nongovernmental Organization during the past 13 years of establishment, subsequent productions include the official producing-of documentaries for the AHNDO, RTF and Oxfam that were broadcasted nationally and internationally. KaPUL production continues to be a strong provider of post-production services to companies and studios around the country offering

    • TV Commercial
    • TV Infomercial
    • Drama Production
    • Music Video Production
    • Editing and Post Production Services
    • Corporate Marketing Video
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KaPUL Event Management

For others managing an Event could be a business but for us it is a responsibility; that requires management through skills, expertise and hard work – from protocol to stay, from decoration to implementation we take it personally.KaPUL Events and Exhibition management team is all geared to set new benchmarks with remarkable expertise in event management, sound and light engineering,artistic management,media and brand management. Our areas of operation vary from organizing live shows with stars to holding music concerts. we are a host of corporate, innovative and standard events

A Professional Management


We have a professional event management team.

A Professional Management


We have a professional event management team.

Research & Surveys

We at KaPUL use all available tools, including SPSS, SAS, and MS Excel, as well as every recognized method of analysis including Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Cross tab, Frequency Analysis, Conjoint Analysis and Discernment Analysis.
We offer and end to end, research and survey services of statistical analysis, from simple tests of consequence to advanced segmentation techniques and model building.



Salaam Telecom is the 6th GSM operator in Afghanistan. The aim behind launch of Salaam Telecom was to introduce and offer the followings.

  • An absolutely new GSM technology with broadband internet services
  • Amazing range of products & Services.
  • Competitive calling tariff and rate to the people of Afghanistan.

The communication and production of awareness campaign and media selection helped us to achieve a 6 months given target of acquiring 100k subscriber in first 3 months after the launch.

KaPUL Group being Salaam Telecom’s overall  marketing and communication partner successfully managing end to end Salaam Telecom marketing, communication strategy, and take care of all their national and official launches .

  • Achieved over 100k subs in 3 months.
  • Achieved acquiring over a million subscriber in 1 year.
  • At the moment acquiring over 4 million subs in competitive challenging telecom market in Afghanistan.


KaPUL Group is proud to have Afghanistan 3rd GSM operator in the list of his professional multinational clients for which did a massive outdoor campaign since 2008 so far.

  • Taking care of overall products and services as well as, promotional campaigns MTN Afghanistan across the country by erecting the largest Billboards and beautiful imported pole-signs
  • Providing MTN Afghanistan with professional designing of shop signs installation and maintenance services since 2008.


KaPUL Group is honored being the first choice for Etisalat Afghanistan since 2008 for all their outdoor marketing, branding, and promotional item distribution in Afghanistan.

  • Etisalat Afghanistan is an active client with KaPUL Group since 2008.
  • KaPUL Group did massive branding and became a branding partner for Etisalat.
  • Providing massive number of billboards for Etisalat since 2008 across the country and with best price, maintenance and installation of strategic locations.
  • End to end installation, transportation and maintenance of overall Etisalat sign boards and shop signs with by providing best price in the market.
  • Taking care of end to end promotional items distribution countrywide for Etisalat.


KaPUL Group, have done many important sales, marketing and branding activities for Roshan Afghanistan’s second successful GSM Operator for years.

  • Conceptualizing, decorating and branding of Roshan sales point in Lesay Maryam market Kabul.
  • Main contractor for all Roshan SIM packaging for a period of more than 3 years


Kapul Group has the privilege for being chosen and partnering UNDP for assisting them in launch and completion of Malarya campaign for a period of 6 months.


Did an end to end media campaign management for ministry of counter narcotics for a period of 45 days.


Media selection, buying and placement for all Afghan Telecom  commercials across the country since 2015


Conceptualizing, designing and managing a 3 months awareness campaign for Nutriana.
Media selection, media buying and placement for a period in all our media outlet partners across the country as per their target market.
Providing promotional items
Designing, printing, erecting billboards and printing posters and leaflet for NUTRIANA
Producing HD TVCs for NUTRIANA


Partnering with UNICEF and assisting them with providing them 500 billboards across the country for their Polio Campaign for a period of 6 months.


Organizing events in Kabul
Organized event in Herat
Organized events in Mazar e Sharif
Organized events in Jalalabad


  • Overall Pepsi outdoor branding campaign all over Kabul in 2011
  • Honored having AGC as active client since 2011 up to now.
  • AGC digital printing partner
  • Event management partner with AGC
  • Local TV commercial production partner with AGC



  • Media placement partner with Coke since 2015.
  • Preferred outdoor specially banners and pole-signs agency for COKE in KABUL.
  • Coke product launch partner for specific produces like Juice, and beverages


  • Event management partner with AISA in various provinces
  • Mazar e Sharif
  • Kabul
  • Herat
  • Jalalabad


Apart from all other projects, initiatives and works done by KaPul Group, for the rest of national, international and multinational agencies in and out Afghanistan KaPul Group had the privilege being elected by AGC as partner for launching Pepsi through a massive outdoor, Printing and installation of the billboards in Kabul city and 5 major provinces..Printing and installation of 1000 shop signs within 15 days in 5 major provinces Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar and Jalalabad.

    • Installing 20 large billboards across Kabul key locations.
    • Branding of the retailers for Pepsi
    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Street banners.
    • Printing brochures and stickers.

Press Release
Dec 2023
KaPUL Group of Companies Announces Exclusive Discount on Outdoor advertising and Printing Services

A leading provider of outdoor advertising and printing solutions in Afghanistan, is excited to announce a limited-time discount offer on our comprehensive range of billboards and printing services. This promotion aims to support Afghan businesses in enhancing their marketing efforts and maximizing their brand visibility.

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Oct 2020
Olympic Events

The event was held to honor the efforts of Afghanistan All Martial Arts Federation Members in presence of the previous General Directorate of Physical Education & Sports of Afghanistan Mr. Jagdalak, and our brave champions from all martial arts turfs.Formerly, greetings to the honorable President of Physical Education & Sports of

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Mar 2020
مساعدت 10 هزار ماسک به کمیته دولتی و ارتباط عامه

گروپ کمپنی های کاپل”، ۱۰هزار ماسک را به “کمیته دولتی ارتباطات عامه جهت وقایه وجلوگیری از شیوع ویروس کرونا” مساعدت نمود این بسته کمکی، در مرکز اطلاعات و رسانه های حکومت، در حضورمحترم سید بشیراحمد بشردوست، رییس دفتر اداره ارتباطات عامه و استراتیژیک ریاست جمهوری، و  محترم سید احسان طاهری، رییس دارالانشای کمیته دولتی ارتباطات عامه جهت وقایه وجلوگیری از شیوع ویروس کرونا، تسلیم داده شد رهبری گروپ کمپنی های کاپل، هدف از این اقدام را سهم گیری در راستای همکاری های ملی برای مبارزه با ویروس کرونا می دانند و از دیگر تاجران و سکتور خصوصی، خواهان سهم گیری در زمینه مبارزه با ویروس کرونا میباشیم

Jul 2021
KaPUL Group & Başak Matbaa Business Partnership


KaPUL Group has the honour to announce the business partnership with Turkish largest and modern Printing Company Başak Matbaa. This partnership enables KaPUL Group stepping up into Afghanistan printing business market with more pride and stronger business backbone. Read More

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