Salaam Telecom

Salaam Telecom is the 6th GSM operator in Afghanistan. The aim behind launch of Salaam Telecom was to introduce and offer the followings.

  • An absolutely new GSM technology with broadband internet services
  • Amazing range of products & Services.
  • Competitive calling tariff and rate to the people of Afghanistan.

The communication and production of awareness campaign and media selection helped us to achieve a 6 months given target of acquiring 100k subscriber in first 3 months after the launch.

KaPUL Group being Salaam Telecom’s overall  marketing and communication partner successfully managing end to end Salaam Telecom marketing, communication strategy, and take care of all their national and official launches .

  • Achieved over 100k subs in 3 months.
  • Achieved acquiring over a million subscriber in 1 year.
  • At the moment acquiring over 4 million subs in competitive challenging telecom market in Afghanistan.

KaPUL Group is proud to have Afghanistan 3rd GSM operator in the list of his professional multinational clients for which did a massive outdoor campaign since 2008 so far.

  • Taking care of overall products and services as well as, promotional campaigns MTN Afghanistan across the country by erecting the largest Billboards and beautiful imported pole-signs
  • Providing MTN Afghanistan with professional designing of shop signs installation and maintenance services since 2008.

KaPUL Group is honored being the first choice for Etisalat Afghanistan since 2008 for all their outdoor marketing, branding, and promotional item distribution in Afghanistan.

  • Etisalat Afghanistan is an active client with KaPUL Group since 2008.
  • KaPUL Group did massive branding and became a branding partner for Etisalat.
  • Providing massive number of billboards for Etisalat since 2008 across the country and with best price, maintenance and installation of strategic locations.
  • End to end installation, transportation and maintenance of overall Etisalat sign boards and shop signs with by providing best price in the market.
  • Taking care of end to end promotional items distribution countrywide for Etisalat.

KaPUL Group, have done many important sales, marketing and branding activities for Roshan Afghanistan’s second successful GSM Operator for years.

  • Conceptualizing, decorating and branding of Roshan sales point in Lesay Maryam market Kabul.
  • Main contractor for all Roshan SIM packaging for a period of more than 3 years

Kapul Group has the privilege for being chosen and partnering UNDP for assisting them in launch and completion of Malarya campaign for a period of 6 months.


Did an end to end media campaign management for ministry of counter narcotics for a period of 45 days.


Media selection, buying and placement for all Afghan Telecom  commercials across the country since 2015

  • Conceptualizing, designing and managing a 3 months awareness campaign for Nutriana.
  • Media selection, media buying and placement for a period in all our media outlet partners across the country as per their target market.
  • Providing promotional items
  • Designing, printing, erecting billboards and printing posters and leaflet for NUTRIANA
  • Producing HD TVCs for NUTRIANA

Partnering with UNICEF and assisting them with providing them 500 billboards across the country for their Polio Campaign for a period of 6 months.

  • Organizing events in Kabul
  • Organized event in Herat
  • Organized events in Mazar e Sharif
  • Organized events in Jalalabad
  • Overall Pepsi outdoor branding campaign all over Kabul in 2011
  • Honored having AGC as active client since 2011 up to now.
  • AGC digital printing partner
  • Event management partner with AGC
  • Local TV commercial production partner with AGC
  • Media placement partner with Coke since 2015.
  • Preferred outdoor specially banners and pole-signs agency for COKE in KABUL.
  • Coke product launch partner for specific produces like Juice, and beverages
  • Event management partner with AISA in various provinces
  • Mazar e Sharif
  • Kabul
  • Herat
  • Jalalabad
Pepsi By AGC (Alkozai Group of Companies)
  • Apart from all other projects, initiatives and works done by KaPul Group, for the rest of national, international and multinational agencies in and out Afghanistan KaPul Group had the privilege being elected by AGC as partner for launching Pepsi through a massive outdoor, Printing and installation of the billboards in Kabul city and 5 major provinces..Printing and installation of 1000 shop signs within 15 days in 5 major provinces Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar and Jalalabad.
    • Installing 20 large billboards across Kabul key locations.
    • Branding of the retailers for Pepsi
    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • Street banners.
    • Printing brochures and stickers.