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Today life is full of stress and anxiety and especially in metropolitan cities like Kabul. Everyone is busy with his life and running behind hectic schedule. Life has become so fast and materialistic that we hardly get time to involve in all such activities which create family and community bonding. Entertainment can add salt in this discomfort and distasteful life. It is the way of entertainment which keeps the life going and gives charm and energy.



Introducing Wonder World


Wonder World will be the first Multi-Attraction Community-based Entertainment Park in Afghanistan offering Edutainment as well i.e. a dual-purpose entertainment and educational experience to families with kids aged 1 – 14 years and youth.



Role of Municipality in Transforming Kabul in a Modern City


The inhabitants of Kabul have been witnessing the tremendous efforts of the Municipality of Kabul under the visionary leadership of the Mayor, Mr. Muhammad Yunus Nawandish to transform this informal city into an organized one. The remarkable efforts to build municipal capacity, improve service delivery and infrastructure, and increase municipal revenue for a cleaner and greener Kabul will surely make this city as an example of a developing modern city.

The steps taken by the Mayor to improve the infrastructure of Kabul will surely help to attract foreign investment, encourage private sector and give confidence to entrepreneurs to perform their roles to grow the economy and improve the image of Afghanistan in general and that of Kabul in particular.


KaPUL Group has signed a strategic deal with the Municipality for the acquistion of around 30,000 sq. m land to build the Wonder World in the heart of Kabul.



A unique Project in Afghanistan


  • First of its kind in Afghanistan.
  • A preconceived and purpose-built entertainment center providing social education with numerous opportunities of exploring fun and trill.
  • Targeting whole family with multi-attraction leisure opportunities under one roof round the year.
  • Provide activities for a large range of age groups.
  • A platform that can be used by commercial organizations, NGOs and Government to communicate their messages to a targeted and captive audience in a unique and more comprehendible way.



Wonder World Objective


Creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement for the entire family, with activities designed to plese the local residents of Kabul, as well as to attract the substantial local tourist base.



Project Components


This project will provide customers with a wholesome environment that provides amusement, entertainment, excitement, competition, year round activities, souvenirs and great food all while forming lasting memories at affordable prices.



Outdoor Entertainment


  • Collection of exciting rides
  • Thrilling activities
  • Engaging carnival games
  • Breath taking competitions



Indoor Entertainment


  • Numerous kiddie rides
  • Collection of latest arcade games
  • Learning and Educational activities
  • Specially designed hair cutting salon for kids
  • Purpose built kids’ birthday area
  • Relaxation room for parents



Food Outlets & Tuck Shops


  • Indoor café
  • Restaurants for full meals
  • Various Tuck Shops for Ice cream, Candlyfloss, Pop-corn, Drinks, Juices etc



Festivals & Social Campaigns


  • Nawruz, Eid, Kite, Food and other festivals Outdoor
  • Kids’ Vaccination, Nutrition, Education campaigns
  • Civic Sense Campaigns like Traffic Rules, Clean-  Green Kabul, Neighborhood Rights, Anti-Narcotics Plantation, Clean Water, Proper Sanitation etc.



Public Amenities


  • Mosque
  • Sitting and rest area for ladies and kids
  • Separate rest rooms for ladies and gents
  • Public announcement system
  • First Aid room
  • Ample car parking