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KaPUL Out-of-Home Solutions

All media except out-of-home has become completely unavoidable. You can’t turn it off, throw it away, click to next page or surf to other channels. It’s on your way home from work, from school or from some party.



Conventional Outdoor Advertising

Whether you are looking to diversify your current media mix or start your advertising from scratch, KaPUL Outdoor Advertising has a lot on menu to offer our clients. With over 5 years of corporate experience, over 40 media reps across Afghanistan and a market-leading inventory of over 300 outdoor advertising sites, KaPUL OOH has built its reputation as the foremost outdoor advertising firm in the country.


In order to make help our clients stand out; our outdoor advertising unit has a lot to offer through the following options:


  • Tri-vision
  • Street Billboards
  • Pole Signs
  • Overhead Bridges



Transit Advertising

Afghanistan’s marketing and advertising practice is evolving day-in and day-out and so is advertising mediums. Transit advertising is yet-to-explore potential in the local market and KaPUL OOH is the forerunner in introducing new advertising and promotional vehicles.  Buses and taxis go where people go - where they live, shop, work and play – and so does the advertising on buses and taxis. The strength of this transit advertising as an advertising medium has a great potential to get the attraction of a crowd. 



Mobile Billboards

KaPUL Mobile Billboards unit provides a unique, effective and exciting advertising medium for businesses. With a ,mobile billboard advertising is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools available.


Whether you want a pre-selected route or a custom route based on your preferences, our mobile billboards give you the options to choose from a back-lit, front lit or scrolling mobile billboard.



LED Screens

With the latest eye-catching LED technology and strategic locations in Kabul; KaPUL’s LED signs have streamlined the outdoor advertising industry. With messages that are easily changed, you can display different ads at different times of the day during your electronic advertising campaign, making your message not only relevant but timely.


Building Wraps

There’s nothing more impressive than wrapping an entire building with your brand. Building wrap advertising mega-messages so we invite you to think big and challenge us with your ideas. Our production capabilities mean there is literally no limit to how large you can go. We can manage the entire process, from city municipality permission to building wrap installation equipment and cranes. You find the structure, we’ll find the solution.